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MGS3, metal gear solid 3, Big Boss
1. Party Personality
- Natural strength is friendliness
- Enjoys interacting with others
- Doesn't like to be alone
- Wants to be liked
- Is more people-oriented than task-oriented
- Wants freedom to be creative and spontaneous
- Likes to keep people happy
- Prefers to be up front rather than in the crowd
- Works best in groups

2. Power Personality
- Natural strength is getting the job done
- Prefers to lead rather than follow
- Wants to influence others
- Likes having responsibility
- Is persuasive
- Likes seeing the overall picture
- Able to make decisions with or without group
- Enjoys teaching and being up front

3. Peaceful Personality
- Natural strength is to be a team player
- Likes to observe and then offer suggestion
- Does not want to stand up in front of a group and lead
- Works well following a leader
- Often can sense how others are doing or feeling
- Prefers a steady and consistent pace
- Able to work alone or in a group
- Is dependable, warm, and easygoing

4. Practical Personality
- Natural stength is to be task-oriented
- Works well alone
- Sticks with a job until it's done
- Prefers to know and understand the details before moving ahead
- Sees problems as challenges
- Likes to be given responsibility
- Does not like to be put down, even if it's in fun
- Hates being in front of a group


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