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1. Party Personality
- Natural strength is friendliness
- Enjoys interacting with others
- Doesn't like to be alone
- Wants to be liked
- Is more people-oriented than task-oriented
- Wants freedom to be creative and spontaneous
- Likes to keep people happy
- Prefers to be up front rather than in the crowd
- Works best in groups

2. Power Personality
- Natural strength is getting the job done
- Prefers to lead rather than follow
- Wants to influence others
- Likes having responsibility
- Is persuasive
- Likes seeing the overall picture
- Able to make decisions with or without group
- Enjoys teaching and being up front

3. Peaceful Personality
- Natural strength is to be a team player
- Likes to observe and then offer suggestion
- Does not want to stand up in front of a group and lead
- Works well following a leader
- Often can sense how others are doing or feeling
- Prefers a steady and consistent pace
- Able to work alone or in a group
- Is dependable, warm, and easygoing

4. Practical Personality
- Natural stength is to be task-oriented
- Works well alone
- Sticks with a job until it's done
- Prefers to know and understand the details before moving ahead
- Sees problems as challenges
- Likes to be given responsibility
- Does not like to be put down, even if it's in fun
- Hates being in front of a group
MGS3, metal gear solid 3, Big Boss

In which I gush about ffxii more than is probably healthy for me.

~* 1. What was the first video game you have ever played?
Super Mario 64.

~* 2. What was your first console?
Nintendo 64

~* 3. Have you ever visited a video game arcade?
Once or twice

~* 4. What was your first handheld?
Game Boy Color

~* 5. What was the first game you've beaten/cleared completely?
Pokemon Blue.

~* 6. Games based off of real sports: Yay or Nay?
No thanks.

~* 7. Online games: Yay or Nay?
World of Warcraft. For the Horde!

~* 8. Puzzle/Strategy games: Yay or Nay?

~* 9. Do you play any Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG) games?
The aforementioned WoW

~* 10. Do you play any virtual pet games?

~* 11. Do you play any RPGs?
RPGs are my favorites!

~* 12. Do you play any Platformer games?
Mario and Donkey Kong.

~* 13. What was the first game/console/handheld of yours that stopped working?
They all work.

~* 14. Do you actually care if a game has a plot or do you just play games for the gameplay?
With very few exceptions, they must have a good plot.

~* 15. Name a few video game characters that are your favorites
Yuna, The Boss, Gabranth, Basch, Venat... Many more.

~* 16. Name a few series that are your favorites
Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid

~* 17. Has a video game ever made you cry?
I do all of my crying on the inside. That said:
FFVII- Red discovering the truth about his father, and the death of Bugenhagen
FFX- The ending
FFXII- "A pleasant lie, that", Venat's final speech, the ending pictures.
MGS- Wolf's death
MGS3- The truth about the boss

~* 18. Has a video game character annoyed you so much that you wanted him removed from the game?
Shantotto from Dissidia.

~* 19. Do you "pair" or "ship" characters up with one another?
Not rabidly, and not often.

~* 20. Do you write video game fanfiction?

~* 21. Do you draw video game fanart?

~* 22. Do you come up with theories on how a character came to be/what he or she would do in a situation/why he or she is moody/etc?
*lol the person before me said that Seymour from FFX needs to get laid* All the damn time.

~* 23. Are you a fanboy/fangirl of any character?

~* 24. Hardest Boss Battle?
Seymour on Gagazet, Yiazmat, Lady Yunalesca

~* 25. Most Frustrating Boss Battle?
They're all easy enough to break, once you figure them out.

~* 26. Most Rewarding Boss Battle?
Braska's Final Aeon and Yu Yevon, just for the closure on the first, and because I just don't like the last one.

~* 27. Funniest Boss Battle?
Gilgamesh is usually good for a laugh.

~* 28. Most Boring Boss Battle?
Yiazmat was fun at first, but dude, fifty million hit points.

~* 29. Boss Battle that dragged out for a long, long time?
See above.

~* 30. Boss Battle with the coolest music?
Braska's Final Aeon (Otherworld).

~* 31. Most surprising Boss Battle?

~* 32. What's your all time favorite villain?
Vayne, Venat, Cid, the judges.

~* 33. What's your all time least favorite villain?
Yu Yevon.

~* 34. Do you ever feel sorry for the villains?
Yes. Sometimes I'm able to relate with them better than the heroes, for what that says about me.

~* 35. Are there any villains that seem like they should be playing for the good guys, but aren't?
The villains from FFXII are one huge walking moral grey area. Especially Venat, which is why S/he's one of my favorites.

~* 36. Most malicious villain?
Kuja, which is why I thought he was such a good one.

~* 37. Most surprising villain?
All the good ones have their surprises.

~* 38. What is your all-time favorite 2D Game? (Genesis/SNES generation)
Pokemon. It IS a 2d game, but not of the generation you're asking. Probably A Link to the Past.

~* 39. What's your favorite 3D game? (PS1/N64 generation)
The Zeldas and Final Fantasy IX

~* 40. What's your favorite arcade game?
I don't really play arcade games.

~* 41. What's your favorite next-gen game? (Wii/PS3/Xbox360)
I haven't played that many of them. FFXIII was a huge letdown for me, and the others didn't quite have the appeal of the PS2 games. Wii sports was really fun though, so that's what I'll go with.

~* 42. Sequels/long series: Yay or nay?
Really, it depends.

~* 43. What's your favorite Online Game?
World of Warcraft.

~* 44. What's your favorite console?
PS3, because of the extras like wireless controllers and a remote 'off' button, but I mostly play PS2 games on mine

~* 45.What's your favorite handheld?

~* 46. Have you ever got yourself involved in a "console war"?

~* 47. Have you ever defended a character/game/console you liked in an argument? Which one?
Only in friendly arguments, and too many to name.

~* 48. Name a game that you like but everyone else seems to hate.
Final Fantasy XII

~* 49. Name a character that you like but everyone else seems to hate.

~* 50. Name a game that you hate but everyone else seems to like.
Twilight Princess, wii version only. If they'd spent a little longer perfecting the motion controls, it would have been better, but just waggling the controller every once in a while doesn't cut it for me. I will pick up the gamecube version eventually though.

~* 51. Name a character that you hate but everyone else seems to love.

~* 52. Have you ever stopped before you finished a game because it was too frustrating to go on?
Yeah. But I'll usually come back to it after blowing off a bit of steam.

~* 53. Will you stop at NOTHING to get 100% in a video game?
On occasion.

~* 54. Have you ever injured yourself at a video game?
Well, my vision's pretty much shot, and I don't think the gaming helped. Strictly speaking, I don't think that's an injury though.

~* 55. Has a horror/survival genre video game scared you to the point that you refused to finish the game? Did you get nightmares from said game?
Hell no.

~* 56. Have you ever thrown a controller/disc/cartridge in a fit of frustration?
Yeah, thankfully Nintendo makes really durable stuff.

~* 57. Do you need to blow/clean certain games to get them to play?
A few of my N64 games do this.

~* 58. Have you ever played a game for so long that you missed sleep over it?
Yes, but I maintain that I didn't miss the sleep.

~* 59. Were you ever involved in the Pokemon craze?
Was and am.
MGS3, metal gear solid 3, Big Boss

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Advanced Big 45 Personality Test Results
Gregariousness ||||||||| 22%
Sociability ||||||||| 26%
Assertiveness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Poise |||||| 18%
Leadership ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Provocativeness ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Self-Disclosure |||||| 14%
Talkativeness |||||||||||| 38%
Group Attachment |||||| 18%
Extroversion |||||||||||| 39%
Understanding ||||||||||||||| 50%
Warmth ||||||||||||||| 46%
Morality |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Pleasantness |||||||||||| 34%
Empathy |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Cooperation ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Sympathy ||||||||||||||| 42%
Tenderness ||||||||||||||| 42%
Nurturance ||||||||||||||| 50%
Accommodation |||||||||||||||||| 52%
Conscientiousness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Efficiency |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Dutifulness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Purposefulness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Organization |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Cautiousness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Rationality |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Perfectionism |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Planning |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Orderliness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Stability |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Happiness ||||||||||||||| 42%
Calmness ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Moderation |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Toughness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Impulse Control |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Imperturbability |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Cool-headedness |||||||||||| 38%
Tranquility |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Emotional Stability ||||||||||||||||||||| 65%
Intellect |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Ingenuity ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Reflection ||||||||||||||| 46%
Competence |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Quickness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Introspection ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Creativity |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Imagination ||||||||| 22%
Depth |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Openmindedness ||||||||||||||||||||| 67%
Take Free Advanced Big 45 Personality Test
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Factor low score high score
Gregariousness 22% quiet, reclusive engaging, socially bold
Sociability 26% withdrawn, hidden warm, open, inviting
Assertiveness 90% timid, gunshy controlling, aggressive
Poise 18% uneasy around others socially comfortable
Leadership 70% stays in background prefers to lead
Provocativeness 62% modest, plays it safe bold, uninhibited, cocky
Self-Disclosure 14% private, contained very open and revealing
Talkativeness 38% quiet, stealthy, invisible motor mouth, loud
Group Attachment 18% loves solitude prefers to be with others
Understanding 50% insensitive, schizoid respectful, sympathetic
Warmth 46% disinterested in others supportive, helpful
Morality 82% break/ignore the rules play by the rules
Pleasantness 34% aloof or disagreeable gets along with others
Empathy 58% out of tune w/ others in tune with others
Cooperation 66% competitive, warlike agreeable, peaceful
Sympathy 42% socially inconsiderate socially conscious
Tenderness 42% cold hearted, selfish warm hearted, selfless
Nurturance 50% self pleasing, me first people pleasing, me last
Conscientiousness 90% reckless, unscheduled careful, planner
Efficiency 86% unreliable, lazy finisher, follows through
Dutifulness 78% leisurely, derelict strict, rule abiding
Purposefulness 90% inattentive, undisciplined prepared, focused
Organization 90% relaxed, oblivious detail oriented, anal
Cautiousness 86% impulsive, spendthrift restrained, cautious
Rationality 90% irrational, random direct, logical
Perfectionism 86% careless, error prone detail obsessed
Planning 58% disorganized, random scheduled, clean
Stability 74% easily frustrated calm, cool, unphased
Happiness 42% unhappy, dissatisfied self content, positive
Calmness 62% touchy, volatile even tempered, tolerant
Moderation 74% needs instant gratification easily delays gratification
Toughness 86% hypersensitive, moody thick skinned
Impulse Control 82% lacks self control maintains composure
Imperturbability 74% highly emotional emotionally contained
Cool-headedness 38% demanding, controlling accommodating
Tranquility 58% emotionally volatile emotionally neutral
Intellect 82% instinctive, non-analytical intellectual, analytical
Ingenuity 66% lacks new ideas innovative, novel
Reflection 46% unreflective, coarse art and beauty lover
Competence 86% slow to understand/think intellectual, brainy
Quickness 86% intellectually dependent intellectually independent
Introspection 62% not self reflective self searching
Creativity 82% dull headed synthesizer, iconoclast
Imagination 22% practical, realistic dreamer, unrealistic
Depth 78% lacks curiosity mental explorer

Take Free Advanced Big 45 Personality Test
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MGS3, metal gear solid 3, Big Boss

My video games

Naruto shippuden legends akatsuki rising
Naruto ultimate ninja heroes 2
Harry potter and the goblet of fire
Devil May Cry
Devil may cry 2
Devil May cry 3
Devil may cry 3 SE
Devil May Cry 4
Super Mario 64DS
Super Mario 64
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Puzzle league
Pokemon rescue dungeon blue
Tales of the Abyss
Tales of Symphonia
Lords of Dogtown
Pokemon Pearl
Starfox 64
Starfox adventures
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Naruto ultimate ninja
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You Scored as Inuzuka

You’re part of the Inuzuka Clan! Location: Konoha Village Known Members: Kiba Inuzuka, Tsume Inuzuka, Hana Inuzuka Info: This clan is known to have connections with canines which is why the members of this clan fight like dogs. Most of the attacks and abilities of these clan members are like duplicates of real dogs.

Haku’s Unnamed Clan
Hyuuga - Branch
Hyuuga - Main
MGS3, metal gear solid 3, Big Boss

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Wolf took the What animal is your spirit guide? quiz and the result is You are guided by Panthera Leo : The Lion.
You’re the protector, a Guardian in the midst of chaos. In times of struggle many look to you for guidance. You are strong and carry yourself as a leader, even if you do not realize it at the time. This causes undue stress on you. Unwittingly you carry the worries of o...thers on your shoulders. It is just natural that your strong personality be the dominant force of all interaction. But do not let that go to your head. Make your to take some time to step down from that high perch and let others have a few moments in the sun. You are fiercely loyal and protective of those you care about. At times this seems like a burden, and weighs you down. But the Lion is here to show you how to continue leading yourself and others into the future. Concentrate on the strengths of the Lion and remember that even when things are tough, it is never too late to find a secluded place to rest. Remember that it is okay to remove yourself from a tense situation. You do deserve time for personal reflection.
MGS3, metal gear solid 3, Big Boss


Lifelong friend of mine is headed to the USMC boot camp tomorrow, and I simply cannot explain how proud of him I am.
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Hellsing thingamabobber

Stolen from a complete stranger
2. What is your favorite pairing?
Seras and Pip. Funny, I have a friend I call Pip.

3. Are you a Hellsing yaoi or hentai fan?
Not my thing, but this is pure gold:

4. Ever cosplayed Hellsing characters? If so, who, where and how many times?
No. I don't cosplay. It's my gift to the world.

5. List your collection of Hellsing junk and merchandise, if any.
All the English manga, a necklace.

6. Have you ever felt that you were destined to be with a Hellsing character? If so who?
No, I don't do that kind of touchy feely. I do ouchy bleedy

7. Alucard x Integra or Alucard x Seras?
This isn't about fucking romance... It's my safe haven FROM romance.

8. Alucard x Alexander or Alucard x Walter?
AlucardxWalter, Cause I'm pretty damn sure Girlycard hit on him at one point.

9. Which team is your favourite?

10. Do you know who Sir Islands is?
I remember the name

11. Do you think that Enrico poses (?) a considerable competition for the Pope?
Nope. Crazy bastard.

12. Your favourite Millennium member?
The furry.

13. Are you pro-Alucard or anti-Alucard?

14. Have you seen all Hellsing episodes so far? (anime and OVAs so far)

15. Have you read all the chapters so far?

16. Who is your favourite Herr Major's follower?

17. Sub or dub?
Truly, I don't care

18. Pro-Schrodinger or Anti-Schrodinger?

19. What do you think of the Major's ideals?
DO NOT WANT. At least he's entertaining.

20. Seras = annoying or funny?
I wish Seras was my sister.

21. Dandy = sexy or ugly?
He's amusing, kinda reminds me of the Fear from MGS3

22. Which character would be the best crossdresser?
Alucard and Integra

23. Dok = weird looking or awesome looking?
Weird, which doesn't always mean bad.

24. Which character would be best OOC? Who and how?
Alucard, making fun of him is so much fun.

25. Do you like Hellsing fanfics?
Only the humor ones.

26. Do you write Hellsing fanfics?
Nope, I suck at that stuff.

27. Have you read any Hellsing doujinshi?
I'd look up that last word if I cared. Uhh, the answer is no.

28. Do your parents know any Hellsing characters?
Yes. I am very proud of them.

29. Do you know (almost) every Hellsing characters' birthday?
Nope, but now I'm curious.

30. Have you read the Hellsing ultimate news about manga? (or rather, are you in the news regarding the manga's progress?)
Nope, I've got no idea what you're talking about either.

31. Have you ever got someone else hooked on Hellsing?
Nope. People only listen to me when not doing so could get them in trouble.

32. Have you ever been drawing Hellsing in school and have someone randomly say "WOAH! you like Hellsing too!?"
Nope. Nobody knew what it is, and drawing is NOT my strong suit.

33. Have you ever been in class drawing Hellsing and the teacher comes up to you and says "wtf is this?"
Nope, but reading in class.

34. Has Hellsing affected your school life and grades?

35. Are you broke thanks to Hellsing?

36. Do you want to read the Seeloewe manual? (Dok's handout to the Millennium troops, the one that Schroe loses XD)
No idea what the fuck that is

38. Do you draw Hellsing fanart? If so, count how many there is in your gallery.
I only tried once. It was hilarious.

40. Do you have a Hellsing OC?
Not big on OCs

41. How did you discover Hellsing?
No idea, if I had to guess, I'd say it was this asshole I used to go to school with

42. Do you recommend Hellsing to other people?

43. Are you obsessed with Hellsing?
'Obsessed' isn't the word I'd use.

44. WHEN did you first discover Hellsing?
I think I was eleven. Hold on, mental math here... Born in '92, fuck do I hate math, WAIT Uhhh, 1,992 plus 11 godDAMMIT do I hate math, this shouldn't be so hard, Fuck it, I'm getting the calculator. Alright, it was 2003.

45. Do you download Hellsing manga?

46. Do you download Hellsing anime?

47. Who is your favorite character?

48. Who is your least favorite character?
Maxwell or the fat little Major

49. Which character do you think is most misunderstood?
I'm not sure that anyone really seems to understand any of the characters.

50. Which character is most under-rated?
Pip, cause he's awesome and not many people remember him. Plus, dirty cadences are great.

51. Which character has the worst past?

52. Do you even like Rip?

53. Do you hate Enrico?
Maybe not hate, but he is/was a little turd. A little duct tape goes a long way.

54. Do you hate Incognito (from anime)?
He was kinda lame

55. Can anyone honestly say they hate Hellsing?

56. Do you think Seras deserved to become a vampire?
She wasn't a bad person, so no.

57. Do you think you would deserve to become a vampire?
I don't think I'd deserve something that bad, but hey.

58. Does Alucard's dog routine creep you out?
Nope, kinda cool, if you ask me.

59. What do you think of Seras' skirt?
I wonder who came up with that design in-universe

60. What do you think of Integra's smoking habit?
Smoking sucks.

67. Should Integra get a different haircut and outfit?

68. Do you think Walter is evil?
He's a dirty fucking traitor, which is one of the worst things to me.

69.Do you think Alucard is a closet-pedophile?
You just had to make this one #69...

70. Did you originally think SCHRO was a girl?

71. Which character is the best looking?
Anderson or Pip.

72. Which character is the worst looking?
Girlycard scares the shit outta me

73. What was your first impression of Pip?
Finally, someone doesn't have a stick up their ass.

74. Is Schrodinger a boy or girl?

75. What was your first impression of the Major?
Kill it with fire, mostly.

76. Do you think Heinkel and Yumie/ko are useless?

77. Which female kicks the most ass?
All of them.

78. What is your favorite pairing?
I thought I answered this already... Maybe not, but Seras and Pip

79. What is your least favorite pairing?
Most of them.

80. What pairing makes the least amount of sense?
See above.

81. What do you think about Hellsing yaoi/yuri?
Not my thing.

82. Do you think Alucard is secretly depressed and/or suicidal?
Depressed, and after however the fuck many years he's existed, you get lonely, so perhaps suicidal

83. Do you think the Captain is secretly a genius and just hides it?

84. Do you think Integra actually has warm fuzzy feelings for anyone?
If by that you mean she's loyal to them and doesn't hate them, then yeah.

85. Do you think Seras and Schro are family?

86. Do you think Walter and Alucard are more then just friends?
Maybe way back when, but nah.

87. Do you WANT them to be more then just friends?

88. Is the Major obsessed with Schrodinger or what?
Hell if I know.

89. Does Integra secretly lust after Alucard?
Maybe the other way around. As long as they don't go mushy on us, I don't care.

90. Is Zorin secretly lusting over Rip?
No idea

91. Do you pair up characters fully aware that these are 12 year old kids?
I don't pair them up

92.Or do you make them older just so you won't have that on your conscience?
Someone explain this, I'm lost.

93. Do you like Alternative Universe Hellsing fics?
Never heard of them.

94. Do you like OCs in Hellsing fics?
I don't tend to read those.

95. What type of Hellsing fans are the most annoying?
The fangirls/boys

96. Do you get mad at people who like a pairing you hate?
Don't care.

98. What's your favourite Iscariot member?

99. What's your least favourite Iscariot member?
Maxwell. Sure he had a bad childhood, but so did I, and I'm not THAT bad.

100. What's your least favourite Millennium member?
Most of them

101. What do you think about Anderson?
He's awesome

102. If you could be any Hellsing character, who would you be?
Content to be myself, thanks.

103. What weapon would you want?
Anything with a blade.

104. Say something random about Hellsing or a random Hellsing quote!
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